A program that aims to boost Innovation's growth up to 10x in business, talent, and technology aspects by connecting Innovation with Telkom Group Senior leader and provide a fun yet impactful methods for both to collaborate.

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Let's hear about what the management has to say about the program! Surely, this program is proven to excel every Innovation that have participated and strengthen the bond between innovators and Senior Leaders.

The Mentor Values

Curious about what our values are?

Our values make sure that every voice from both mentors and mentee are heard and equal.


Innovators actively communicate, discuss and dare to express ideas or opinions to achieve team goals.


Innovators can build collaborations making the innovations impactful on the company and society.


Innovators are able to solve problems out of the box while still meeting customer needs.

Critical Thinking

Innovators are able to provide solutions according to customer needs and based on data.

Driving Innovation

Innovators work together to encourage the emergence of sustainable innovation in the Telkom Group.

Customer Focus

Innovators are able to learn and practice a customer centric mindset in validating business ideas.

Driving Execution

Innovators are able to work together to realize their ideas and find OFI quickly through iterative experimentation.

Servant Leadership

Innovators learn to support each other, thus creating a supportive innovation ecosystem.


Golden Circle


Why - We want every Telkom Group stakeholder gives sterling support and encourage every innovation program.

Aligning innovation with Telkom Group strategy
Scaling up innovation
Nourish 'Leader as a Father' program

What - The Mentor: Never Ending Growth

The Mentor Journey

In Accelerating Innovation

A glimpse of roadmap that every participants will take in the program

Mentee & Mentor Development
The Mentor Blind Selection
Mentoring & Monitoring
The Mentor Final Show

What can you get from The Mentor?

Perks of being a mentee


Participation in this program is automatically recorded as participant's portfolio.


Receiving a navigator according to their expertise area to achieve business goals.


Get new implementable perspective from experienced mentors.


Receiving feedback and business evaluation from the expert.


Expanding network with experts and obtaining product endorsement from senior leaders.

Testimonial about us

Two perspectives about The Mentor last batch

“Great program to awaken my coaching and mentoring skills, to engage with strong spirit Innovations, and to contribute sharing experience for future innovations in Telkom Group.”

Anggoro K. Widiawan

CDO of PT. Telkomsat
Mentor of Sprinthink & Evomo

“Program The Mentor merupakan program yang luar biasa untuk membantu pengembangan karyawan muda dan mendorong untuk berfikir kreatif, inovatif dan solutif menghadapi permasalahan dan tantangan bisnis.
Ayo ikut berpartisipasi dalam pengembangan inovasi oleh talent-talent muda Telkom!”

Didi Haryadi

Mentor of Bagidata & Centra

“Bersedia menjadi mentor lagi! The mentor menjadi akselerasi inovasi menjadi real business. Jangan lupa untuk mendengarkan dan kosongkan gelas.”

Dwi Sulistiani

CEO PT. Admedika
Mentor of Level-Up

“Happy! Mentee penuh dengan semangat dan motivasi. Terima kasih untuk kesempatannya! Semoga dapat menjadi modal untuk Inovasi kedepannya. Sukses untuk semua!”

Pontjo Suharwono

Kaprobis FMC
Mentor of Netmonk

“I am delighted to be one of The Mentor, and hopefully The Mentor to be the powerful approach to drive Telkom Group as an innovation-based company.”

Teuku Muda Nanta

Mentor of HiRA & i-Necrow

Meet our Mentors!

They are as enthusiastic as you are to join the program

Ahmad Yasser

VP HC Strategic Management
Formulates corporate human capital management strategy and workforce planning to ensure productivity.

Ery Punta H.

Senior Advisor | WINS Directorate
Holding mastery in business, with experience as an advisor to support performance achievement.

Dedy Mardhianto

EVP Divisi Enterprise Service
Ensuring business unit growth, by leading business strategy analysis, implementation, and monitoring performance achievements.

Komang Budi A.

EVP Digital Business and Technology
Exploring and emerging new technologies and finding ways to leverage them in improving business process, products, and services.


EVP Divisi Government Service
Ensuring the consistency of sales and customer care models implementations to creating revenue opportunities through Government sector ecosystem.

The Mentor #4 Recap

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15+ Innovations already grow with The Mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything that run through your mind about The Mentor

The Mentor is a training program to boost Innovation's growth up to 10x (business, talent competencies, and technology) that collaborates with experienced mentors in FUN yet IMPACTFUL methods!

Innovations will participate in this program for up to three months.The program consists of mentor and mentee pairing (blind selection), mentee development, mentoring and monitoring, and lastly the program closing with final progress pitching.

After you register, your team will be paired with your mentor through The Mentor Blind Selection, after being paired, each team will set its own OKR and go through a sequence of biweekly mentoring, and monitoring. At the end of the program, each Innovation will present their progress by doing offline pitching in front of the management and participant!

Mentees will get a chance to build a tangible portfolio for their Innovation, have a new navigator, and receive a new point of view to aim for a business goal. Having feedback from experts will also help develop the business, not to mention the network you'll expand!

The mentors are Telkom Group Senior Leaders who are undoubtedly experienced in diverse expertise! Such as business, technical, and transformational mastery.