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The Mentor is a training program to boost Innovation's growth up to 10x (business, talent competencies, and technology) that collaborates with experienced mentors in FUN yet IMPACTFUL methods!

Innovations will participate in this program for up to three months.The program consists of mentor and mentee pairing (blind selection), mentee development, mentoring and monitoring, and lastly the program closing with final progress pitching.

After you register, your team will be paired with your mentor through The Mentor Blind Selection, after being paired, each team will set its own OKR and go through a sequence of biweekly mentoring, and monitoring. At the end of the program, each Innovation will present their progress by doing offline pitching in front of the management and participant!

Mentees will get a chance to build a tangible portfolio for their Innovation, have a new navigator, and receive a new point of view to aim for a business goal. Having feedback from experts will also help develop the business, not to mention the network you'll expand!

The mentors are Telkom Group Senior Leaders who are undoubtedly experienced in diverse expertise! Such as business, technical, and transformational mastery.

It's an event where everything started! Where you'll be playing your Innovation's promotional video and mentors who are interested will raise their signer, such as a star signer and athumbs up signer to choose you! Can you make all mentors raise their signer?

A maximum 3 minutes of Innovation promotional video, spruce it up as creative as can be! You can include your Innovation's golden circle, problem and solution, progress and achievement, upcoming target, and support needed from the mentors! P.s. you can add more if you want, just make sure that it is not more than 3 minutes!

Sadly, your team will be disqualified. Therefore, make your promotional video as interesting as possible to make mentors raise their signer! But worry not, there will always be a next time! Prepare yourself to register on the next batch!

Before the first mentoring your team needs to finalize your OKR setting through a form that will be announced by The Mentor team. It will be consisting of one objective and three key results.

Mentoring will be held once every two weeks (biweekly), with the first week starts in the next week of The Mentor Blind Selection.

Monitoring and evaluation will be held after Week 2 Mentoring session.

You are free to set your mentoring schedule with the mentors, just make sure to notify the committee 2 days beforehand, therefore we could help you document every process!

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